DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Veil Corporate

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Veil Corporate provides Asset Protection Services.They hooked me at a DEAN GRAZIOSI seminar for $5995 with the promise that we would have a COMPLETE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Even though their contract said there was a 3 day recission period....they said not to pay attention to it....since they would not be able to provide their basic services for "awhile" due to demand. Three weeks later, I received their "blueprint" for my Asset Protection. My CPA and my accountant both told me it wasn't suitable for my purposes. I immediately sent Veil Corporate a letter of resignation.

They contested my resignation. I disputed it with VISA. VISA found in favor of Veil Corporate, because I did not resign within 3 days.

Veil Corporate LIED to me and duped me with deceptive business practices.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

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Salem, Oregon, United States #1311327

I got screwed by them 2016.Contract $7,499, same 3 day.

Put $500 down couldn't afford anything else including pmt plan but they will not refund my $500 OR let me out of the contract but it is on "Hold" until I give them the ok to start payments...

UMM NEVER.I have not even received the service...

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #621612

This is another affiliate to Dean Graziosi, and along with SKW,and Property direct that makes this a cartel of FRAUD! No wonder Dean can't sleep at night!

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